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Travel Experience

During my life I have seen some of this world, but not everything. 

Earth is a fascinating place, full of opportunities and possibilities, but also full of mysteries. 

We may unconsciously choose where we want to be born and what kind of experiences we want to have in this life. What we want to learn from life. We walk our own path, each for ourselves. 

However, the differences are very large when I look around while traveling. Where your cradle has stood is so decisive for the course of your life that it often seems unfair. The differences are too great. 

Humanity is developing and the Earth is changing. Not always in the right sense. We have to be more careful with the earth and that also means taking more responsibility as humanity. We cannot and should not exhaust the earth. But at the same time, every human being born should have equal opportunities. In all aspects of life. Equal access to clean drinking water, food, shelter, education. Equal opportunities to develop and achieve happiness. Love and freedom, no oppression. Being born in a free country, without dictatorship or slavery. That’s how it should be. 

My travels give a different picture. The world is changing and this is getting faster and faster. My hope and wish for every living being who is now living and still being born is that this change will be beneficial to them. That the inequality is getting smaller and people will increasingly have the same starting position at birth. I wish everyone to travel without seeing the contradictions. Everyone has their own journey and their own path. I share my travel experiences with you through my music.

In Love

I have been feeling it 

Deep down 

For a while now 

It makes me curious 



What’s this state of mind? 

Can’t figure it out 

Waiting for it now 

Am I getting somewhere 

What about this journey? 

What’s the destination? 

Then you were there 

Unlocked my heart 

Showed me the path 

Of our destination 

Is this my destination? 

This traveling 

Was needed to get the point 

And got myself prepared 

For true love 

True love 

To explode

Twisted Roots

Come closer and see 

What I’ve made of you 

Nothing but a touch of memory 

Powerful but not so kind 

You’ve got to free your mind 

Break the chains 

Of those who adore you 

You’re nothing but a touch of memory 

Powerful but not so kind 

You’ve got to free your mind 

Set them free 

Set them free 

Free your mind



Thought I saw it all

Here & Now

Thought I saw it all

Here & Now

Nevermind the past

Time to rewrite history

Cause I thought I saw it all

Before you were here next time

On my journey, I am an old soul

And I traveled so long

Through time

Until I saw you standing here


Fly so high 


Time is changing, or does it exist? 

Time…… give me time 


Could it be 

Just theory 

Those were the years, or do they exist? 

Time…… give me time 


Pacific Prencess

Sweet sweet baby 

Mexican lady 

Brightened up my life 

More then I could wish for 

Dancing with you makes my day 

Pacific princess oh come and play 

Golden girl 

Your hair soft as a cloud 

So glad you are mine, I have to shout it out 

How you bring joy to my life 

Dancing with you makes my day 

Pacific princess oh come and play